Unearthed Defective Justice by Danny Gwynn

Al'ien•a'tion by Danny Gwynn

Missing Justice by Danny Gwynn

Daniel Gwynn, On Death Row In Pennsylvania,

Claims Actual Innocence


Excerpt of ‘Flickering Flame’ included in a letter written

May 4, 2020 to Art For Justice


Had to shave my head today after 2 months with no access to a barber. Due to the pandemic, I’ve been relegated back to lockdown where all privileges and programs have been suspended… The majority of my time is spent inside a cell the size of a parking space trying to find something to do.


Trapped in my cell, I feel like all hope has been snatched away and I may not make it out alive. Finally, I was getting ready to present my claims and evidence of innocence to the court. Now with the court’s indefinite closure and people dying by the thousands, I wonder if my case will still be viable to proceed. My mind runs wild and imagines the worst about my chances for freedom. My attorneys, judge, prosecutor and witnesses are all cruelly hunted by this vicious virus.


Selfishly, I need everyone to survive for my case to proceed. I’ve already lost 25 years of my life to this injustice – I wish to suffer no more.


I’m trapped in a cell with no escape from the coronavirus or the devastation left in its wake. The glimmer of hope seems to flicker, but I refuse to give up.


Is to support and exhibit prisoner art to:


• Promote public dialog on ways to prevent crime


• Reduce levels of incarceration


• Find effective, humane ways to improve the criminal justice system

Our Mission . . .

Neflix releases a documentary series on Chester Hollman III’s and other wrongly convicted individuals on April 15, 2020.


Art for Justice exhibit at Arcadia University, scheduled for March 30, 2020, has been postponed due to the coronavirus.


Art for Justice - Shows the humanity behind bars. Brings awareness to systemic flaws in the criminal justice system.  Seeks solutions to eliminate injustice.

* Artworks are either privately owned or have been donated to Art for Justice.