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Covid-19 by Danny Gwynn

Over The Bridge by Danny Gwynn

Art for Justice 2020


Daniel Gwynn to be removed from death row in Pennsylvania


Art for Justice heard from Daniel Gwynn on 12/28/20 that he will soon be removed from death row in Pennsylvania. AfJ Board President, Tasha Williams, Esq. reviewed the joint stipulation filed in federal court 12/22/20 before Judge P. Tucker and summarized as follows: The Philadelphia D.A. agrees that counsel was ineffective during the penalty phase and therefore Daniel is “entitled” to a life sentence, rather than death. The D.A. agrees not to argue that Daniel is time-barred. The Court will continue to consider Daniel’s claims challenging his conviction.


Daniel also reported that he and others on his death row unit have been sick with the flu. He is recovering, hopes to avoid catching covid, and move to general population in Jan. 2021. Daniel will vigorously pursue his claims of prosecutorial misconduct that led to his wrongful conviction.


COVID-19 in PA Prisons


The proportion of incarcerated people and Corrections staff infected with COVID-19 continues to grow in the US – as reported by UCLA Covid-19 Behind the Bars Data Project.


In PA it is imperative to have on-going testing of Corrections staff! In PA those who are at risk of transmitting a contagious disease to others are required to get tested- if it applies to those who might transmit TB to others (as many of us are required to get yearly TB testing as an employment requirement) it certainly applies to COVID-19! Corrections staff are required to test for TB every year – they need to get tested for COVID-19 as a mandate – a requirement for employment.


The PA Department of Health (DOH) needs to step in and do their job and not abdicate responsibilities to the DOC! DOH is responsible for the health of all individuals who live in PA  - including the corrections population – those incarcerated, corrections staff, those in supervised housing! It is up to the DOH to make sure State Public Health Law is followed in all locations and settings. It is their mandate, by law!


In addition, DOH has oversight responsibilities to ensure prevention procedures are in place and are being followed – there are reports of Corrections staff non-compliance with masking. They should be working with the DOC to determine how to accomplish social distancing inside the walls – and if it cannot be done, develop transition plans and make recommendations to State Legislation and the Governor.

AfJ supports and exhibits art by incarcerated individuals to promote dialogue on ways to:


• Promote public dialog on ways to prevent crime


• Reduce levels of incarceration


• Find effective, humane ways to improve the criminal justice system

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