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Eddie Ramirez


Eddie Ramirez received an Award for his poetry in 2010 from the Pen American Center. Eddie donated the $25 Award to Art for Justice.




While most people spend their 20’s discovering themselves and settling on plans for their future, I have been in prison battling to overcome a wrongful conviction. Throughout this entire ordeal I have maintained my innocence and conducted myself with dignity and patience while the slow wheels of (in)justice turn. I am now in my mid 30’s. With the support of my wonderful family and dear friends, I am closer than ever to my freedom.


As a poet and artist, I draw on my memories of the past, point of view in the present, and dreams for the future. It is a constant communication with time and space interpreted in a language which can be described as the “calm in the chaos”.


A former vandal of the graffiti scene, I have always attempted to create art for one purpose – to claim my EXISTENCE!!! I am a son, a brother, an uncle, and a loving friend. Those who know me well know that I am also a fighter who refuses to live any way other than OUT LOUD!


Let my art speak to you and you will hear my voice.


My Case


My case is currently before the Pennsylvania Superior Court with the following issues:


There was DNA testing which excluded me as a potential donor in the case; these results were not made known to me or my defense team until long after I was convicted and sentenced to Life without Parole.


Various instances of prosecutorial misconduct, trial court error, and ineffective assistance of counsel, as well as procedural violations, including comments made at trial to assess that my choice not to give a statement or to testify was a “tacit admission” of my guilt.


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* Artworks are either privately owned or have been donated to Art for Justice.