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George Ivan Lopez

Artists' Statement


I am George Ivan Lopez. I was born on March 26, 1959 in Arecibo Puerto Rico. I am one of 13 children produced from the union of the late Angel Lopez Talavera and Carmen Cruz Serrano. All 13 children were raised by single parent (Mother) and throughout my childhood it was very hard. And one struggle after another, but Mother always found a way to make ends meet! And gave us the best she could. Always taught us to be strong and work hard until we achieve our goal. A better mother I couldn't ask for.


Since the very first moment I have claimed my innocence which I am. And I will continue to claim my innocence until some day that the law would give me that opportunity. I stand firm that the truth will prevail. This wrong imprisonment has cost me my wife & children, everything I have worked so hard for and most of all my freedom these years in hell.


I can honestly say that Art has kept me alive. And through my artwork I have come to know some very special people who mean the world to me. When my first death warrant was signed in 1999 and I was schedule for execution, this lady by the name of Ann Marie Kirk which didn't know me, but had seen some of my art work, she began to write to me and encourage me to stay strong and keep my head up high. She shown me a hope that I have never come across and gave such unconditional friendship, that after all these hard days of struggle and sadness and throughout all these years, I consider her more like a sister than a friend.


This special friend wouldn't have come into my life if it wasn't for the art work we both have shared throughout the years. Her letters are my lifeline that keeps me going, without art my life in this man made hell would be just that, HELL! Art can take my mind away from this Dreadful place and give me that sense of freedom which I lost so many, many years ago. Words alone could never describe those feelings.


To put it into words, Life on Death Row is like having a Fatal disease where you know you have it, you know it is probably going to end your life, but you just don't know when. Now add that X 100. Know that you are an innocent man and could very easily lose your life for a crime that someone else committed, but yet you are facing execution.


I couldn't even start to describe all which art have done for me while being in this hell. Thanks to you who have seen my art and been touched in one way or another and allowing me to express my deepest feelings with you. God bless you and may he Guide your long Journey through life.

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