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The Truth and Nothing but the Truth, a Welcome Home event for Chester Hollman III took place at St. Vincent’s Church, Germantown, Dec. 6, 2019. St. Vincent’s Peace & Justice Committee hosted and Art for Justice presented the event that honored Chester Hollman III, who spent 28 years in prison in PA for a crime he did not commit. Chester Hollman III, his father, Chester Hollman Jr., his sister, Deanna Hollman joined Dennis Crosson, PI, and Tasha William, Esq. for a  heart wrenching, informative presentation. Guests learned about Chester’s survival through 28 years of wrongful incarceration, the Hollman family’s enduring fight for justice, the investigations that uncovered prosecutorial misconduct, the work and advocacy of many on Chester’s behalf, and the broader ramifications of prosecutorial misconduct in the flawed criminal justice system. The Gospel Disciples, led by Joe Hollman, filled the sanctuary with their inspirational music. Artwork on view as by Charles Lawson, Daniel Gwynn, Angel Ortiz, and George Lopez.


Art for Justice exhibited art during the Philadelphia Juneteenth Festival, June 15, 2019, in support of the Johnson House Historic Site’s Panel Discussion, Who Pays? The Incarceration of Women and Girls, at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust.


Art for Justice selected art that celebrates the strength, resilience, beauty, and love within the women and girls in our communities. Featured works included Charles Lawson’s portraits, Charlene and I am Your Future. Artworks by Daniel Gwynn and George Lopez were also on display.


There was strong audience engagement during the event as panelists Peggy Simms, Andrea October MSS, Hakim Cooper, Kempis Songster, and Moderator Jacqui Johnson MS spoke about the devastating issues for women and girls who are incarcerated.


Art for Justice exhibited artworks at Temple University during the event, Arts & Incarceration, April 22, 2019. The event, a collaboration with Temple’s Chapter of Petey Greene and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) was organized to celebrate the creative talents of formerly and currently incarcerated individuals while raising awareness of criminal justice issues. Board members, Gerry Givnish and Pam Superville represented AfJ and Darren Gwynn attended in support of his brother, Daniel Gwynn, whose art was on display.


Hope in Hard Times: Prisoner Art for Social Justice

sponsored by the Moravian Church’s Eastern District, was on exhibit at ArtsQuest’s Banana Factory Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA from March 1 – April 21. A Vigil for Hope in the Criminal Justice System was held on March 24 when Chester Hollman Jr., joined by Deanna Hollman, shared the tragic injustice of his son, Chester Hollman III’s wrongful conviction and sentence of life without parole in PA. First Fridays, March 1 and April 5, brought strong attendance from Lehigh Valley communities, schools and churches.


Moravian Theological Seminary displayed two portraits by Charles Z. Lawson from March 9 – April 9 at the Bahnson Center and sponsored, on March 19, two presentations by Tyrone Werts. Mr. Werts, incarcerated for 37 years in PA until his sentence of life without parole was commuted to life on parole by Gov. Rendell, traced injustice and racial oppression - from slavery to mass incarceration in his midday presentation.

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth. Chester Hollman III

Panel Discussion, Who Pays? The Incarceration of Women and Girls, at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust.

Tyrone Wertz Keynote Speaker for Hope In Hard Times Exhibit


AFJ - Shows the humanity behind bars. Brings awareness to systemic flaws in the criminal justice system.  Seeks solutions to eliminate injustice.


* Artworks are either privately owned or have been donated to Art for Justice.