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Art for Justice supports and exhibits the artworks of incarcerated individuals to stimulate public dialog about poverty, violence, crime and incarceration. The Fall, 2011 exhibit, “Incarcerated Artists’ Creations from Within” at Widener University, was the 50th display of Art for Justice artworks.

“I see my work with Art for Justice as a means to bring people together to change the nation’s, misguided policies which address so many social problems with incarceration. I share my photographs with incarcerated individuals who incorporate the images into their artwork.” The mission of Art for Justice is to help the public see the humanity behind bars and inspire them to work to change the inhumane and ineffective policies which plague our criminal justice and correction systems.

Art for Justice artworks are used in the Road Map for Life Workshops for Youth to stimulate dialogue about the critical choices faced in their day to day lives. Ann Marie will present the Workshops at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Center, summer 2012. The Workshops are partially funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Mordy Family Foundation. Art for Justice is reaching out to other Foundations, Businesses and Individuals to fully fund the Workshops.

“ Images show A.M. Kirk photo on the left and Artist painting on the right”

Art For Justice

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